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Climbing on the Golden Gate Bridge

On the bus


In the diner


Set model detail

Set Design - Carolyn Rapanos

Director - Chris Lam

Lighting Design - Jonathan Kim

Painting - Carolyn Rapanos

Theatre - Pacific Theatre

Musical Direction - Peter Abando


Photos: Matt Reznek & Bold Rezolution Studios

Set focused on contrast between colourful diner-style chairs/pendant lights (1960s, in the present) and a neutral-tone, explosive floor treatment that framed the centre (memory, in the past, city sidewalks, photos of Vietnam, war). Musicians flanked the space.


Actors visible in photos:

Stuart Barkley, Justin Lapena, Amanda Sum, Sara Vickruck, Mark Dozlaw, Zac Beardsley, Matt Montgomery, Kai Bradbury, Jess Amy Shead, Lissa Neptuno, Sabrina Prada, Ray Boulay

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